One of the victim's mother said, "How did this judge come to this conclusion on every single count? It's disgraceful."
Assemblyman Boyland, who loves Boyland, may not have shown up for his $177,000 hospital consulting gig, but jurors didn't think he tried to give the hospital state funds.
Barbara Sheehan wept before being taken into custody and to Rikers.
Barbara Sheehan will turn herself in for sentencing on Wednesday.
Barbara Sheehan faces a minimum of three years for criminal possession of a weapon.
The jurors accepted Barbara Sheehan's explanation that she killed her husband out of self-defense.
Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata are in court today to find out if they'll be going to prison for official misconduct.
A Florida judge sentenced Casey Anthony to four years in prison for
Mitchel Alvo, left, leaves New York State Supreme Court with his
Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of murdering her daughter.
Photograph of the Deutsche Bank building on fire by Todd Myers
The wife of the acquitted "rape cop" Kenneth Moreno thinks his accuser made up the assault because she "wanted sympathy from her friends because they threw her out of her own party."
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