Accident investigation squad

The brother of a Bronx cyclist who was fatally doored in April says the NYPD has completely dropped the ball on the investigation into his brother's death.
The police "are not doing their job. Anyone who walks or bikes across a New York City street knows that motorists are getting away with reckless driving, day in, day out."
A witness said that she was crossing Allen "right in front of Epstein's, right as the walk sign was ending," and that the truck "bolted RIGHT when the light turn [sic] green."
"It's a perverse system," Councilmember David Greenfield said today. "Currently, we're saying to the drivers of New York City: Be reckless, drive drunk, unlicensed, run people over, and nothing is going to happen to you."
Police say that the vehicle involved was traveling westbound on Bruckner Boulevard, and has been described as a white or grey SUV.
Though "there is no criminality suspected at this time," the NYPD indicates that the investigation by the Accident Investigation Squad is continuing.
Drivers who maim or kill cyclists in NYC rarely face criminal charges, but Councilmember Stephen Levin hopes a new law will change that.
The NYPD has amended their initial determination that the driver's actions exhibited "no criminality," and have given him summons for failure to signal and failure to exercise due care.
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