The settlement follows years of legal battles.
The new entrance features a 15-foot wide stairway and elevator with access to the shuttle to Grand Central Terminal.
Edith Prentiss, who died in March, was known for clashing with the agency over its lack of accessible subway stations.
Can a little extra space incentivize builders to make the subways more accessible?
The L train line will now have elevator access at all Manhattan stations except Third Avenue.
The MTA has denied a request from a disability rights group to disclose how much it is spending in taxpayer dollars to fight several lawsuits claiming it discriminates against its disabled customers.
The plaintiffs want the MTA to commit to making all 472 subway stations accessible.
The department says residents can help out the city’s snow clearing effort by calling 311 if they see a problem area.
Becoming more accessible may require alternate routes, says Quemuel Arroyo.
Three ways that other cities across the world make their transit systems more accessible.
With most subway lines less than 50% accessible and Manhattan-centric, the MTA has a long way to go.
At an intersection along our walk to the subway, Velazquez explained the technique for crossing streets: first, listen to the cars.
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