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A contrite Bush said he doesn't think the 'pussy grabbing' remarks qualify as locker room talk.
NBC staffers had been planning a surprise party for Bush before the tape was leaked. Surprise!
Bush was supposedly crying when he realized the tape was out, though.
"An apology is not enough."
Remove this man from the news.
Recently at one of our sister sites, LAist's Julie Wolfson spent
The story of Philadelphia anchorwoman Alycia Lane gets stranger and stranger. Her
When Asa Aarons was let go last week, we had a gut
A look at some noteworthy television this week: The War: A Ken
Giving Proper Credit to CBS 2 and Scott Weinberger Scott Weinberger's exclusive
Many people in the tri-state area have been asking the same question:
Vital Stats: - Tim Vincent - 33 years old - Grew up
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