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You may think you’re hearing Brooklynese but scholars agree — there’s no such thing.

This week a woman who grew up in New York City worries her accent makes her sound uneducated. A Native New Yorker replies.

When the Department of Transportation installed audio recordings at over a dozen intersections to aid the visually impaired while crossing, they enlisted native Brooklynite, Dennis Ferrara, to provide an, ah, authentic New York voice recording.

All because a passenger who tried to alert the crew to the jammed door had a Middle Eastern accent.

Some famous NYers with accents, via BBC Over the last year,

While Queens residents are worried their specific, nasal dialect of classic

Do you speak fluent Brooklynese? Well fuhgeddaboutdit, you just found yourself

To linguists our city is part of what’s known as the

from Randolph Pfaff's flickr New research contends that it's not just

From Busted Tees: The "Jersey Girls Ain't Trash/Trash Gets Picked Up"