Trump signed an executive order halting cost-sharing reduction payments that intended to help low-income Americans get healthcare.
Council Member Corey Johnson said, "By occupying offices of Senate Republicans, we demand they cease attempts to strip health care from millions!"
Protesters chants included "Paul Ryan you will pay / For trying to kill the ACA," "Not just for Paul! Health care for all!"
The vote on the Republican ACA repeal is today, and passage of the bill looks murky at the moment.
Like that old saying goes: you can take the Bernie Sanders out of Larry David, but you can't take the Larry David out of Bernie Sanders.
"We are actually facing another legislative session with what will likely have an anti-choice New York State Senate."
Restaurants are better off advertising the number of miles it takes to burn off an entree instead of standalone calories, according to researchers.
You have until 11:59 p.m. tonight to sign up for healthcare in 2014.
Dolan also criticized Obamacare.
In their rush to choose their own bespoke Obama Death Panel, liberal New Yorkers have crashed the website for the New York Health Benefit Exchange.
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