"A woman was getting undressed. Some guys were taking off their T-shirts, and then I saw women taking their shirts off. They had their bras on."
It's important to adhere to some safety rules so you don't reduce your home to a pile of ashes.
The MTA's only adding a single A train between 9 and 9:30 a.m., and riders' advocates and elected officials say that that's not enough.
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
Potentially irreversible, devastating environmental damage means nothing when you need to sell a few extra t-shirts.
A free device that lets you remotely control the air conditioner thermostats and on/off scheduling of your window air conditioners from a smartphone or an Internet browser.
People! You really need to properly install your air conditioners! Otherwise the FDNY is going to get called to your house to do it for you.
Asked why the doors were open with the A.C. blasting out onto the street, a manager at Forever 21 in SoHo told us, "They're open for marketing and to attract customers."
Take the Nostalgia Train to Coney Island this weekend! But be warned: those things don't have any air conditioning!
Photograph by Atomische • Tom Giebel on Flickr You know it,
Courtesy Eater After surviving the horrors of Vietnam and a hellish
via Eater 67-year-old Vietnam veteran Anthony Franzese was sitting on a
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