Absentee ballot

Only 23% of eligible voters cast ballots in the Nov. 2 election, the lowest recorded turnout compared to records since 1953.
It’s more than a week earlier for the upcoming November 2 general election.
The most outstanding Democratic absentee ballots are from Manhattan (at 39,596), but Queens and Brooklyn are right behind that with 35,482 and 32,527 respectively. An additional 12,943 are from the Bronx and 5,022 are from Staten Island. These could decide some races.
Investigators blame machine “malfunction” for envelope misprints in Brooklyn last year.
Results for two tight local races may be weeks away.
We continue to tackle questions about botched ballots and postage.
The governor wanted only new envelopes to be sent to voters.
At this point, the City's Board of Elections does not know how many voters may be affected or how it will remedy the problem.
The judge said the right to vote is "too vital a value in our democracy to be left in a state of suspense."
The implementation of such a tracking system was mandated four years ago.
“I called for these votes to be counted and am glad that they will be, even though counting them will not change the outcome of our race."
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