Abortion rights

Hundreds upon hundreds of abortion rights supporters marched from Brooklyn to Manhattan in one of several mass demonstrations around the country.
In deep blue New York, the issue will likely reframe debates in key races, which thus far have been dominated by concerns around public safety and the economy.
The exhibition is an 'urgent all-to-action' and features work from Nan Goldin, Cindy Sherman, and more.
Someone called the NYPD after seeing what looked like someone, clad in a red robe and white bonnet, about to jump off a Manhattan building.
'The blessing of all of this, if there is a blessing, is that the mask is completely ripped off. This is really where we are. And we all have to stand up and [protest] all the time.'
Today, people coming from out of state account for a small but growing share of the abortions performed in New York City each year.
New York Democrats and pro-choice proponents say a women's right to an abortion in New York may be in jeopardy.
'The law is passed, it is sitting there by the Assembly, we need them to come back today and pass that law, and we need them to pass that law now, before the worst happens.'
Thanks to a coalition of Republicans and a handful of Democrats that together control the Senate, these issues are likely dead.
Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr. wasn't worried that people considered
Yesterday, Senate Democrats announced they had 60 votes to pass their health
A Queens mother is furious that the man suspected of killing
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