Abandoned baby

Her relatives say that the baby's father was killed during a robbery earlier this year.
The apparent mother of the child was found at a Starbucks on the Upper West Side.
The baby was in a stroller on the northbound 1 platform.
The Good Samaritan who found the baby said, 'What is a baby doing out here this time of the night in the cold?'
"We heard something crying in the bag, we thought it was an animal or something."
Police are trying to find the parents of a newborn girl found abandoned behind a Queens housing complex last night.
A woman who was taking out the trash spotted the baby.
Cops arrested a mother who left her four-to-six month old baby on a table at the fast food chain last night.
The infant found at the bottom of a garbage chute this weekend may have been there for as long as twelve hours, doctors say.
An 18-year-old woman was taken into custody yesterday after she allegedly threw her newborn baby out with the trash.
A baby was discovered yesterday morning crying inside of a trash chute in a Brooklyn housing project.
The mother of a 5-day-old boy left in the Sutphin Avenue
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