An LIRR worker told the Daily News that the teen scaled the building first.
This popular honeymoon and swingers spot has been decaying in the Poconos for years.
The West Side Highway, née Miller Highway (and officially Joe DiMaggio Highway!)... abandoned in the 1970s.
A closer look at the abandoned passageway under the Roosevelt Hotel.
Do you love "ruin porn"? Click on...
Inside the old Loew's on Canal Street, which sits abandoned.
Why socialize in a bar when you can play play poker with your pals on subway tracks? The latest No Your City subject does just that.
An animal shelter worker has been arrested for throwing away a one-year-old dog in a plastic bag in a gas station dumpster in Long Island.
This 1950s diner has been slowly crumbling away for years. Here's a look inside.
Inside one of the more depressing abandoned buildings on Ellis Island.
Do you know about the abandoned trolley tunnel under Grand Central?
This new web series is beautifully shot and filmed around New York City's abandoned spaces.
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