Aaron sorkin

Other shows featured at the festival will include The Walking Dead, The Kominsky Method, Search Party, Robot Chicken, Star Trek: Discovery, black-ish and more.
Sorkin plans to write original dialogue and entirely new scenes into the Harper Lee classic.
A very meta Aaron Sorkin sketch.
"I think you and I got off on the wrong foot with The Newsroom and I apologize and I’d like to start over.”
The Newsroom will sign off for good after next season.
The new trailer for The Newsroom is here... this season will cover the presidential election, Trayvon Martin, and the budget crisis.
NY1 news anchor Pat Kiernan talks about HBO's The Newsroom, and how realistic it is to the real thing.
The gossip columnist played by Hope Davis on The Newsroom was based on the bizarro version of a former NY Post columnist, who is now revealing her time with Sorkin.
Hugh Jackman is teaming up with Aaron The West Wing Sorkin and Steven Wicked Schwartz to bring "contemporary look at the life and death" of the illusionist to the great white way.
And unlike that time he tried to write about comedy, Sorkin will be working with something he knows about this time: News.
Are the Decemberists coming to Broadway? Maybe! In a recent Billboard
Unnamed sources are telling the Daily News and The Post that a
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