A train

Rikien Wilder had noticed a man putting debris in tracks.
Demetrius Harvard, 30, faces charges of reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, assault and criminal trespass.
'The toilet been over flowing with feces for 3 days and workers have been forced to work there.'
Please enjoy this soothing feature film length video capturing a subway ride in real time.
Commuters on the A and C trains were forced to contend with lengthy rush hour delays this morning because of an unusual noise.
Senator Sanders rode the rails with Bill de Blasio this morning, and was able to pass through the turnstiles with just one swipe of a MetroCard. Which he immediately bragged about.
Watch as the man in the straw hat finger-plucks his way into the hearts of everyone on that train.
'Storing equipment in between tracks is a common practice employed by railroads across the country to accelerate rail repairs.'
Because it's [INSERT DAY OF WEEK], you can bet there were some maddening subway delays on the [INSERT RANDOM LETTERS] lines!
Passengers on the train "thought he was asleep and tried to wake him up after 14th Street. They didn't want him to miss his stop," according to a witness.
The MTA spread a little extra Monday on this morning's commute.
The NYPD says the operator of a southbound A train observed the young man, who appeared to be "emotionally disturbed," jump in front of the train.
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