A rod

Someone took a photo of A-Rod while he was on the toilet in his Park Avenue apartment.
After a pre-game ceremony that was almost derailed by rain, Alex Rodriguez played his final game as a Yankee and managed an RBI double.
"When A-Rod came up, he got up really quick and put his hands over his mouth to yell something," a witness said.
A-Rod won't get to snuggle with this ball anytime soon.
So what new nickname will this earn him? Fat-Rod? Dough-Rod? Tub-Rod?
It's pretty clear that there's a major fracture in the A-Rod/Yankees relationship. And it's starting to appear like the whole thing is turning into a giant insurance scam.
It seems that Yankees GM Brian Cashman, like so many before him, has had enough of A-Rod's shit: "Alex should just shut the f---- up. That's it. I'm going to call Alex now."
Alex Rodriguez, a player for the New York Yankees commonly referred to as "A-Rod," needs hip surgery, again.
A-Rod loves artisanal ice cream! Well, his daughters do, at least.
Sometimes there's just too much good Jeremy Lin news than can be fit into one day. Thus, we're proud to bring you our end-of-the-day Lin wrap-up linkstravaganza.
A-Rod's alleged new girlfriend had a high-profile kiss with another lady wrestler on WWE.
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