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Someone took a photo of A-Rod while he was on the toilet in his Park Avenue apartment.

After a pre-game ceremony that was almost derailed by rain, Alex Rodriguez played his final game as a Yankee and managed an RBI double.

"When A-Rod came up, he got up really quick and put his hands over his mouth to yell something," a witness said.

A-Rod won't get to snuggle with this ball anytime soon.

So what new nickname will this earn him? Fat-Rod? Dough-Rod? Tub-Rod?

It's pretty clear that there's a major fracture in the A-Rod/Yankees relationship. And it's starting to appear like the whole thing is turning into a giant insurance scam.

It seems that Yankees GM Brian Cashman, like so many before him, has had enough of A-Rod's shit: "Alex should just shut the f---- up. That's it. I'm going to call Alex now."

Alex Rodriguez, a player for the New York Yankees commonly referred to as "A-Rod," needs hip surgery, again.

A-Rod loves artisanal ice cream! Well, his daughters do, at least.