9th precinct

The woman fell 15 feet down, according to the Ninth Precinct.
Police are looking for a thief who has stolen electronics from 10 different locations in the East Village since August.
The suspect is described as male, white, between 20-25 years old, around 6'1" and weighing 170 pounds. He was last seen wearing khaki pants, a dark zip-up sweater and a baseball cap.
Jamie Pugh is charged with second degree murder and robbery.
68-year-old Ruan Wen Hui died at Bellevue Hospital last night after he was attacked by an unknown man on East 6th Street near Avenue D.
"I'm suing your ass!" one protester shouted shortly before he was led into the police wagon.
The drug-addled cop who stole police guns, cash and iPads from the 9th Precinct police station in the East Village is going away for a long time.
The man stole the tenant's iPad, wallet, and watch, presumably after watching the movie Ocean's Thirteen and heading to REI to buy the most expensive pair of stealin' gloves.
Nicholas Mina, the NYPD cop accused of stealing guns, money, bulletproof vests and an iPad from his East Village precinct, was arraigned at the Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday.
The NYPD thinks that they've found the guy who was stealing guns, cash, bulletproof vests and an iPad from the 9th Precinct station house in the East Village.
To catch a gun thief, the NYPD assigns cops to secure their own locker room in the East Village.
"I thought it was a rag doll," crossing guard Aida Mercado, who was 20 feet away said.
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