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At a ten-year anniversary rally marking the start of the protest movement in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, demonstrators feel real change hasn’t been achieved, but is more necessary than ever.

"We are prepared for everything we can think of all the time. Our tactics are something that we don't talk about in advance for obvious reasons."

Check out the scene earlier today when Tax Day protesters visited fat cat Donald Trump's Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

The cash shortage brings up a question that never had to be asked during those heady fall days: should Occupy Wall Street be courting donors?

The New York Times has an nifty interactive map that tells you which "percent" you are both nationally and compared to other areas of the country.

Middle class candidates are all but barred from running for office: the average successful House campaign costs over $1 million, and in the Senate it jumps to around $10 million.

Fat cats should probably remember what "on the record" means when trying to rehab their image. "Too big to fail" is never too big to quote.

Beware: there is an "exploiting vulnerable, if wealthy human beings takes a toll on your soul" hazard to the job.

Protesters ran through the park, defacing signs, complimenting the choice of tents and eating the food in the "kitchen." In short: it was a bizarre scene.