911 system

The city's hulking, expensive and now stalled emergency response system upgrade was the product of gross mismanagement, a new 109-page report today found.
The city's 911 system, which has been plagued with problems, is about to receive a series of overhauls following two scathing reviews from the mayor's office and the Department of Investigation, respectively.
The city's questionably effective but very, very pricey 911 system overhaul is being investigated by the DOI at the behest of Mayor De Blasio.
Operators resorted to pen and paper to take calls during the outages.
The bereft mother told the Daily News, "It took too long for them to get there. No other child should die because it takes too long. The ambulance system has to be fixed for the children of New York."
Apparently the $2.3 billion upgrade wasn't enough to stop the 911 software from going down completely!
Now we have a much clearer picture of why Bloomberg was reluctant to release all the 911 data: it makes the city look like an ass.
Even an edited version, that report on New York City's 911 system (the one Bloomberg had to be ordered to release) reportedly does not paint a pretty picture of our city's emergency preparedness.
The Bloomberg administration has one week to release a report conducted by an outside consulting firm that reportedly shows that the city's 911 system has gotten slower to respond to emergencies and become less efficient.
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