911 memorial museum

The CIA operative who tracked bin Laden also donated a photograph.
The Navy SEAL Team 6 shirt is there, along with a brick from bin Laden's compound.
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney got the shirt for the museum.
Heart-shaped rocks are the hottest item at the 9/11 Memorial Museum.
A filmmaker is trying to fund a documentary focusing on the trees at the 9/11 Memorial plaza.
This week's question is from a New Yorker who can't decide whether to visit the recently-opened 9/11 Memorial Museum.
Getting out of the 9/11 Museum in an emergency can be a lengthy, harrowing process.
"You're the reporter?" a security guard asked. "You can't ask questions here. You can't."
Happily, the video moves too fast to show all the political backbiting that delayed completion of the museum until almost 13 years after the attack.
The ceremony is underway.
There are also things like a display from Chelsea Jeans and a salvaged bike rack from Vesey Street, showing the everyday life around the area.
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