911 memorial and museum

On September 11, 2001, 2,977 people died in New York City, Shanksville, PA, and Washington, D.C.
Donald Trump didn't show up in Manhattan today, sending Pence in his stead.
Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden will attend the 9/11 Memorial Museum Ceremony while Vice President Mike Pence will attend the Tunnel to Towers ceremony.
There are 250,000 MetroCards.
“I don’t think alcohol should be allowed in there. It’s a sacred ground and they desecrated it."
The police are investigating a possible hate crime at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum—a custodian found the words "Allah Wakbar" written on a granite seat at the memorial on Tuesday.
Where should the unidentified remains from 9/11 go? More than ten years later, not everyone agrees.
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's recent interview with Esquire has some interesting details, especially regarding the NYPD's concerns about suicides and further attacks at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.
A Tennessee state representative with the friendly name Frank Niceley is upset that New York City takes its gun laws seriously.
In addition to bringing a loaded gun to the 9/11 Memorial, police say 39-year-old medical student Meredith Graves also had "two envelopes of what they suspected to be cocaine" in her purse.
Tourists? You really have to stop bringing your loaded weapons to New York's major attractions.
The National September 11th Museum is supposed to open next year, but Mayor Bloomberg says construction has come "basically to a halt" because the Port Authority is squabbling with the museum foundation over money.
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