88th precinct

"I said, 'You got [the driver], right?' The cop said, 'Nobody got a good look at him.'"
In Park Slope, police have been busy ticketing cyclists over a law that doesn't exist.
39-year-old Angel Cordero died in Fort Greene's 88th Precinct on the morning of July 5 after waiting four hours for an ambulance.
A man who saw his wife fatally run over on Vanderbilt Avenue by an unlicensed driver is suing the city for failing to conduct a thorough investigation.
A tipster passed along these photos of a cop from the 88th Precinct standing on a packed A train at 7:15 p.m. and "did absolutely nothing while some vagrant slept on 3 seats" a few feet away.
A Brooklyn man who saw his wife run down before his eyes says the NYPD so badly botched the investigation that the DA is unwilling to press criminal charges against the unlicensed driver.
Community members and lawmakers asked the NYPD to increase its presence
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