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For the next two days, you too can descend the spooky staircase into the bloodcurdling basement of the poltergeist-infested precinct.

"I really care about the production. I don't like when you go to a haunted house and they just turn off the lights to scare you," Deputy Inspector Frank DiGiacomo told Gothamist.

It's that time of year again, when police officers with the 78th Precinct don spooky costumes, and invite the whole neighborhood into the aggressively terrifying basement of their Prospect Heights station house.

The officers at Brooklyn's 78th Precinct stationhouse in Prospect Heights want to scare you again this Halloween.

In Park Slope, police have been busy ticketing cyclists over a law that doesn't exist.

A 3-foot-long pet corn snake has been reunited with its Park Slope family eight months after it went missing. Aw?

Grand larcenies dropped in Cobble Hill by 32 percent this year thanks to gentle chiding from frustrated cops.

The police say, "As a result, one officer received minor injuries and is being treated at Methodist Hospital."

Two Brooklyn precincts have been vying for the right to police the still-under-construction Barclays Center when it opens in Prospect Heights this year. Only one emerged victorious.