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The images depict a New York of shady, bell-bottomed operators, cartoonish Bowery tropes, full-figured women, and fairy tale characters, all rendered in that bizarre '70s-style animation that is that is both playful and unsettling.

"In each initiative, [Strategy Enforcement Teams] help us monitor social media and we gather information we can use on these groups," Kelly said.

An NYPD spokesman could not say how many shots the officers fired in total, nor could he provide the charges against the two suspects.

The man who allegedly threatened the commander of Brooklyn's 73rd Precinct by posting details about his schedule and car on Facebook turned himself in yesterday.

The NYPD is looking for a man who solicited people to kill a Deputy Inspector in a message on his precinct's Facebook page.

A female police officer was suspended from the force after cussing

A 32-year-old woman arrested for marijuana charges hung herself inside a

While crime is down throughout Brownsville, the blocks around Brooklyn's 73rd