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Lead paint chips and pigeon poop have been falling from the elevated track onto the street and sidewalk for years.

They can rebuild it. They have the technology. They have the capability to make the MTA's first fully-functioning subway line.

Of course, it's unclear exactly how much it would cost—so we'll keep dreaming the dream.

Heads up residents and merchants of Long Island City.

The MTA has canceled all weekend subway work except for the 7 line shutdown. But really, no natural disaster could hope to stop that.

The man who killed the last interstate tunnel would be okay with the subway making the jump beyond the five boroughs.

The 7 line extension to New Jersey is a priority for the Bloomberg administration, sources tell the Post.

A reader sent us the above photo of a mysterious 13 line. Maybe it's a the train to the bizarro universe where the MTA isn't running a multi-billion deficit.

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