7 eleven

He also allegedly told the worker to "go back to your country."
Make America Slurpee Again.
He had a knife.
7-Eleven is, generally, not good.
Go forth and slurp.
Wait, so can we use those 7-Eleven bathrooms too?
1 down, 10,199 to go.
The suspected shoplifter says 7-Eleven employees caused him emotional distress.
We were going to complain about 7-Eleven stabbing New York City in the heart with a giant straw and sucking out its soul, but then FREE SLURPEES TODAY!
Some undocumented workers were forced to work 100 hours, but paid half that.
One day, you will return to your home and there will be a 7-Eleven there, and it won't even seem that weird.
Pick a fight you can win, guys. Short of a revolution, trying to stop 7-Eleven is a fool's errand.
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