6 train

The person was the second to be hit by a 6 train in two days.
The victim was killed around 3 a.m. on Saturday.
An on-duty MTA custodian allegedly possessing a substance believed to be heroin was arrested this morning after police officers observed him swiping a pair of headphones from a sleeping 6 train rider.
An argument between straphangers escalated to a pepper spray blast, leaving four platform conductors and one passenger sick at Grand Central.
The suspect put the sticker on the train when it was nearing Bleecker Street.
Good Samaritans helped the victim out of the subway roadbed.
She felt someone's private parts rub up against her buttocks.
The alleged perv rubbed up on an undercover officer on an uptown 6 train right after it left Union Square.
"I wanted it to be, like, punk rock lo-fi as a statement," Alex Gardega had said of his protest piece.
This happened on Friday afternoon.
The city's latest apocalyptic subway incident was a broken water main sending a torrential flood into a tunnel occupied by a 6 train full of straphangers.
She was transported to Bellevue Hospital, where she is in critical condition.
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