5th avenue

On Monday morning, a malfunctioning escalator at 5th Avenue and 53rd Street ground to a halt, sending some commuters tripping over one another as the machine's steel steps shredded and buckled.
The store had a hospital, dental office, gym, and sweet roofdeck for employees.
5th Avenue has lost a lot over the past century, but it's also gained some gems like the Guggenheim.
One of the last remaining 5th Avenue mansions.
Just in time for Jurassic Park...
That time conveyor belt transportation could have taken over 5th Avenue, from 58th to 14th Street, eliminating cars and pedestrians (and cyclists)!
Shocking: the reclusive heiress's home was filled with DOLLS. Creepy, creepy dollls.
While there is a law against aggressive panhandling, what Hardeman is doing is "clearly constitutionally protected," her attorney says.
Apple is coming out with Cube 2.0 this November! Their Fifth Avenue store is currently getting a cube makeover, with 75 panes of glass being stripped away.
The Apple Store on 5th Avenue is known for its glass cube, but don't expect to see it again until November.
Another halal cart in more peaceful times. (Flickr user ChrisGoldNY) The
Last year, a treehouse was spotted on lower 5th Avenue, bringing
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