"I said 'approximately'," Jerry Wolkoff said. "I didn't know how many units I was going to do."
The new 5Pointz is poking into James Turrell's piece at MoMA PS1.
In one perfect moment, a tagged up train was spotted passing by the 5Pointz site, which is still under demolition.
Nothing you'll be able to see from the 7 train, though.
The new buildings will contain affordable housing units.
You can still spot pieces of 5 Pointz's iconic graffiti while riding the 7 train, but the wrecking ball's almost here.
Graffiti has started to appear inside an abandoned 5Pointz.
5 Pointz is on its way to becoming yet another luxury apartment building, and some artists decided to make a statement about it with a giant "Gentrification In Progress" banner.
Somewhere an empty can of spray paint has rolled into a gutter, dented and rattling no more. This is it: 5 Pointz is done-for.
Visit Five Points... in Bushwick.
In this video, Meres One talks about the space he curates, the famous 5Pointz in LIC... and he'll give you a tour in person, too.
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