59th street bridge

According to the FDNY, it was a "standard engine block fire" but the trucks was carrying oxygen tanks, and one of them exploded.
Luckily, no injuries were reported.
"I'm fairly positive this was a malicious act from the hands of idiot kids or a pissed off jogger."
The man who is suing the city for the crash was arrested for unlicensed driving.
Not everyone was thrilled that "The Dark Knight Rises" has been filming on the 59th Street Bridge this weekend: "All their filming, all this ridiculous filming and we aren’t getting anything for it."
"The Dark Knight Rises" continues its filmic assault on NYC this weekend, filming on the the Queensboro Bridge today and tomorrow. Check out some video of Catwoman in action from last weekend's filming below.
Flickr user braesikalla [UPDATE BELOW] In December the Bloomberg administration announced
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It's Queensboro Bridge celebration time! The East River crossing between Manhattan
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