50 cent

'I take this threat very seriously and I'm consulting with my legal counsel regarding my options moving forward,' the rapper says. 'I am concerned that I was not previously advised of this threat by NYPD.'
No one was hit, police said, and there are currently no suspects.
Happy 40th Birthday, Curtis!
Nothing can go right when 50 Cent visits Citi Field.
"He didn't give me a ticket, no nothing. He said, "I don't want to mess up your day because you made me laugh.'"
Juuuuust a bit outside.
"I was speeding, trying to get away because I was scared from someone shooting at me," says Acevedo. "The cab driver came out of nowhere and I couldn't stop."
50 Cent doesn't believe Chris Lighty committed suicide, and is funding an investigation into his August 30th death.
Lighty killed himself after allegedly arguing with his estranged wife.
50 Cent hasn't denied it, so it must be true!
Nobody panic—50 Cent is GOING TO BE OKAY, but you should know won't be able to avoid hearing the news that 50 was in a car accident early this morning on the LIE.
A match made heaven?
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