5 pointz

"The whitewashing of the art at 5Pointz was an “act of pure pique and revenge” toward the artists who had sued him," the Second Circuit Court of Appeals wrote.
A judge found that the developers violated the Visual Artists Rights Act.
23 street artists are hoping their lawsuit against the former owner of 5Pointz will set a strong precedent for future cases.
Make way for luxury condos.
The new buildings will contain affordable housing units.
With one tweet Jolly Rancher turned the demise of 5 Pointz into an ad campaign, a decision it now regrets.
Every time you reach between the couch cushions and find a prehistoric green apple Jolly Rancher with three strands of hair on it amidst the sticky pennies and silt, remember how #untamed 5 Pointz was.
All six suspects were issued desk appearance tickets.
Here's a YouTube video showing what purports to be the "last mural at 5 Pointz," done by curator Meres One and others on a door across the street.
'This is the biggest rag and disrespect in the history of graffiti.'
"As a community, it was more important than anything. I met people here from all over the world."
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