4th of july

The best views of the big comeback show will be in Midtown, North Brooklyn, and Long Island City.
Extravagant=65,000 shells and effects during a 25 minute fireworks bonanza, with Coldplay as one of the openers.
Another day, another five minutes of legal fireworks...
Watch some videos of last night's fireworks displays, which took place off LIC and in Coney Island.
Macy's said, "we have chosen to delight New Yorkers with unannounced displays across the five boroughs this year," which is not the way many New Yorkers would describe it.
For five minutes in every borough starting next Monday, New Yorkers can enjoy the sight of legal fireworks—just make sure you don't confuse them with the illegal fireworks happening simultaneously everywhere, those are not to be enjoyed.
"One way or another, the show will go on," de Blasio declared. "One way or another, we're gonna celebrate the Fourth of July in a very special way in New York City."
Hide your cats, hide your dogs, the 4th of July is upon us.
Prime weather for eating 100 hot dogs and barfing them up on the boardwalk.
The most pleasant location for viewing seems to be Gantry Plaza State Park in LIC, but you should really leave right now to get a good spot on the lawn.
"As soon as the fireworks stopped, the gunfire started."
It's time to make some plans and party for AMERICA.
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