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A police spokesperson said that cops were flagged down by a concerned person in the neighborhood who observed a group of people entering a building around, not a joke, 4:20 p.m. Monday.

The video has all your traditional 4/20 set pieces: weed, a 4/20 hat, weed-aided transdimensional travel.

"Hello...Newman. You're going to jail," we imagine prosecutors said at the arraignment.

Today is April 20th, which our Founding Fathers set aside for the observance and celebration of cannabis.

In case you forgot for some reason, today is the Stoner Easter, the Puff The Magic Dragon Passover, the Mary Jane Administrative Professionals Day.

Some people were out actually celebrating 4/20 yesterday, including "Nappy," a 24-year-old man dressed as an elk who smoked bowls in Central Park with a group of like-minded, painfully sincere pot connoisseurs.

On today, this highest of holidays, the dope deals keep on coming.