4 train

The man and child were both in the tracks at the Kingsbridge Road station.
The passenger was being treated on the platform, according to the FDNY.
Hours earlier, a subway rider was stabbed at the same station, apparently because he accidentally bumped into another passenger.
Stand very, very still on this miserable transit island.
The suspect allegedly pulled down her pants and underwear during a struggle and assaulted her.
An argument over subway etiquette spiraled into a shouting match about racism and religion aboard a 4 train.
The victim was treated for dog bites to her arm and foot, police say.
Police say he "fell onto" the victim and groped her in the process.
The victim and her baby are apparently fine.
A woman reportedly claimed "I don't want to sit next to black people" before slashing a man in his face Sunday night.
The woman's alleged attackers also made anti-Dominican remarks.
He was crushed between the platform and the train for nearly half an hour.
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