3rd ward

A sampling of some of the 3rd Ward horror stories we've heard in the past week.
"I cant think straight right now," one member said, shaking his head. "They screwed over a lot of people."
While Jason Goodman's 3rd Ward enterprise went into a financial tailspin, he and his wife kept busy decorating a very charming pair of houses on Montauk that he bought this year for over $700,000.
3rd Ward was shilling its classes right up until the moment news of its closing broke—and members who bought in won't be getting refunds anytime soon.
Power could be cut to the Morgan Avenue space by tonight, leaving thousands of members—literally and figuratively—in the dark.
Crown Heights is getting a massive creative hub... anchored by a 3rd Ward food hall and Brooklyn Flea beer garden.
The cyclist killed in Williamsburg just after midnight Wednesday has been identified.
Saturday's all-day party will give way to musical acts Lemonade, Small Black, and Reggie Watts come nightfall, with the requisite all-night DJ'ing afterwards.
Oh Brooklyn, what WILL you think of next?
Queens gets a new outdoor oasis for this month, with dumpster pools, dining and dancing!
Another snowfall, another abandoned dog. Earlier this month a pit bull
This weekend the Life of Fire party was held in three warehouses
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