3 train

The suspect may have been upset that the victim stepped on his foot.
2 and 3 trains won't travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan for 56 weekends starting next year. Fun!
The suspect was spotted "repeatedly thrusting and gyrating his hips" against a female rider.
She asked him, "Hey, would you mind deleting the photos you took of me?"
This is the eighth reported slashing in the NYC subway since January 1st.
"You're trying to get help from the crowd. They can't help you! I can just chop you and they can't do nothing!"
Police said the attack followed an argument after the two bumped into each other in the station.
"It's the middle of November and she has no where to go, so the least I could do is give her a pair of shoes."
He was also charged with flashing another subway rider!
Do not let the authorities sweep these crimes under the rug.
A woman was struck by a southbound 3 train at 72nd Street just after 11 a.m. today.
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