2016 election

Hillary Clinton talks Trump, Russia, social media, #MeToo, and what the hell happened.
The 2016 election is back, with the Clinton and Trump campaigns now promising to get involved in Jill Stein's newly-filed recount effort in Wisconsin.
Donald Trump's campaign is doing great, and isn't becoming more and more of a G.O.B. Bluth disaster every day.
"If Bernie Sanders is saying we need a political revolution, the revolutionaries are answering that call.”
If not now, then maybe in 2020?
"He grew up here, he knows everybody. His foreign policy is excellent. I want him to fix the economy and he can do it, obviously, because he's one of the richest people in the world."
"People say Bernie Sanders is only supported by white people," one Bronx Assemblyman observed. "What I see here is a beautiful mosaic."
"My opponent and I share many of the same goals, but some of his ideas for how to get there won't pass, others just won't work."
The NY Board of Elections has received a record number of new registrations leading up to this year's primary.
Trump yesterday told an audience that he possesses a sort of refined terrorism sonar that must certainly put him ahead of the other candidates in a crowded Republican field.
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