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What the hell happened this year?

Want to know where you're liable to get arrested for peeing outside? Or what the most dangerous subway stop is? Or where NYers complain about rats? Check out the interactive maps below.

Check out 20 more weird and wonderful subway moments from the year that's been—including oatmeal eaters, stair humpers, track twerkers, preppy drunks, and butt bongos.

Check out 20 bizarre things New Yorkers hauled along with them on the subway in 2013.

2013 brought spontaneous sax battles, death-defying ollies, and two little kitties who influenced a mayoral race. Click through to see the top ten subway moments the MTA would probably rather you forgot about.

Tonight and tomorrow night mark the last times we'll see the sun aligning with the city's grid... until next year.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has credited NYPD initiatives like Operation Crew Cut and Operation Impact for the murder rate decline.

75% of voters approve of the job Kelly is doing, while only 18% disapproved.

"It’s sad. We don’t even know who she was, but she was someone’s daughter," a newsstand clerk remarked afterwards.

2013 has started with many, many bangs.