2 train

The suspect allegedly took the victim's hardhat and used that to hit her.
They call it the concrete jungle for a reason.
Police say the incident happened around 3 a.m. on Sunday, March 10th on a northbound 2 train in the Bronx.
Stand very, very still on this miserable transit island.
The attacker and victim's verbal dispute escalated into a physical altercation, police said.
The incident took place near the Broadway and West 79th Street station.
A man was fatally crushed by a 2 train while riding between subway cars Friday morning, police said.
The victim said the train was crowded and that her attacker was upset when she bumped his leg a couple times.
'I ran through the train doors and was holding my neck, and there was blood gushing out.'
The woman had apparently been talking to friends when she was struck.
2 and 3 trains won't travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan for 56 weekends starting next year. Fun!
She followed him off the train to take his picture.
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