After the NY Times declared 'not everyone is a fan' of the scent now permeating 1WTC, I dropped by for a sniff.
30 immigrants from over 18 nations were sworn in as new American citizens at the observation deck of One World Trade Center Tuesday.
Two photos taken fifteen years apart from the exact same vantage point show the big and small changes in the Manhattan skyline.
We visited the best legal highs in NYC, here's what we saw from the 1WTC Observatory.
He was sentenced to 23 days of community service.
"Sometimes I cannot recognize people, stairs," the Queens resident told them. "That post was so hard to cover for me. It was very, very stressful. I could barely see half of the lobby."
"I seriously apologize to anyone who may have been insulted or felt disrespected by my actions. It was not my intention to do so."
Are teenagers the key to testing America's security apparatus?
"He came here and he ran hog wild."
This is a photo of ironworkers, working from over 1,700 feet in the air!
We are not using the words "insane" or "vertigo" lightly here. Hold on to your chairs before clicking play.
An iron worker took this photo from 4 World Trade Center this morning and it's making our feet sweat.
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