1st precinct

Yesterday's police crackdown on SoHo's street vendors is turning into a serious headache for a slew of licensed vendors.
"He has his good days and bad days. He kinda looks at you sideways when he's in a bad mood."
Before he was a police officer, Lee worked as a carpenter "and had shoulder length hair." His father, a retired FDNY fireman, thought he should join the NYPD, so he did when he was 25.
A certain someone in the 1st Precinct with intimate knowledge of Detective Wes Anderson agreed to speak with us on condition on anonymity, out of fear that Hipster Cop wouldn't let him borrow Infinite Jest.
"Hipster" is "lazy journo-speak." And he seems a little to GQ for a stock American Apparel model. What should "Hipster Cop's" new nom de guerre be?
Photographs of Kiefer Sutherland leaving his apartment to surrender to the
After getting spooked and throwing its mounted officer yesterday, Aldo the police
Police are looking for a man who tried to rape a woman
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