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"It was in particular a time when musicians were able to afford to be here in the city, and there was a real openness to exploring outside of one's own traditional genres."

The Central Park Conservancy has shared some of its newly digitized photos from the 1980s.

Larry Racioppo's excellent photographs of Brooklyn are now published in a new book that features an equally excellent introduction from Tom Robbins.

As the Walkman became more popular, some still clung to their boomboxes.

A reel old commercials that ran in NYC decades ago, found on a discarded VHS tape.

Dolly Parton's time in NYC probably deserves its own Netflix series.

Around 800,000 images were pulled together to create this unique 1980s online experience.

The footage was used in Netflix's "The Get Down," and remains one of the greatest shots of 1980s NYC today.