The 1977 helicopter accident atop the Pan Am building came after years of controversy about the New York Airways service flying over Manhattan.
CBS News will air an interview with him to mark the anniversary of his arrest.
The footage is from an hour-long special airing this Sunday, which exclusively features old 1977 clips.
"It's nice to wake up and hear birds singing."
In this 1977 Cameron Crowe-penned Rolling Stone cover story, the members of Fleetwood Mac talk about break-ups and being alone.
Some tales of Robin Williams in 1977 New York City.
Willig's brother told the cops, "I told them he was doing it for his own satisfaction, no other reason, and that he was as sane as I was, which I think confused them."
As noted in our newsletter today, 32 years ago tonight, at 8:37
Phillippe Petit wasn't the only daredevil back in '70s that used
The 1977 Yankee season has been not only written about, but
This installment of NY1’s Today in New York City History aired ten
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