31 Days of Gems: As part of our monthlong Dear NYC series, we're looking at historic New York City items hidden away at the New York Public Library.
Henry Chalfant would rush to the elevated stations in the Bronx to document tagged cars before they could be buffed clean, and now those photos are on display.
The 1977 helicopter accident atop the Pan Am building came after years of controversy about the New York Airways service flying over Manhattan.
A reel old commercials that ran in NYC decades ago, found on a discarded VHS tape.
101 reasons to love NYC, according to the NY Times in the 1970s.
Beauty, sex and diet advice for women written by Dr. Zizmor in the 1970s? Surely this aged well. Let's flip through the pages, shall we.
I unearthed this 1970s greeting card in my family's attic and why would anyone ever give this to someone?
HBO's The Deuce premieres Sunday, so let's take a look back at the real Deuce.
The footage is from an hour-long special airing this Sunday, which exclusively features old 1977 clips.
11,000 photos of 1970s Roadside America are now online, and many feature New York.
A conversation with Bruce Goldstein, who has run Film Forum's repertory program for decades, and has a 1970s NYC series coming up.
The decline of the city in the 1970s would inspire homegrown filmmakers, and the Film Forum is screening their films at a 23 day festival.
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