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The cinematic retellings, the visions of a bohemian utopia and freewheeling drug campground, that lineup, it's all part of Woodstock's strong mythology. But would I have enjoyed it?

The public art piece coincides with the 50th anniversary of the revolutionary event.

On the anniversary of the neighborhood's historical designation, a new map enhances self-guided walking tours, showing the neighborhood now and 50 years ago.

"Ladies should be dressed as ladies," said one restauranteur.

A slideshow from the year Don Draper is currently living in.

Tequila, avocados, punch bowls, and the Grateful Dead will get you started.

Revisit New York City in 1969 through this Dutch band's sweet footage.

The idea was based on clearing out "massive underground caverns [under Manhattan] with nuclear explosions," and placing a sphere containing a city inside.