Here's a 9-minute portal to the past, when the AP documented the hippie takeover of the neighborhood.
Also: plush carpeting, and other things that have no place in the subway system.
The cinematic retellings, the visions of a bohemian utopia and freewheeling drug campground, that lineup, it's all part of Woodstock's strong mythology. But would I have enjoyed it?
A commercial for the special subway to the World's Fair shows people smiling and laughing... on the subway!
Staten Island was becoming a cookie cutter suburbia, and locals didn't like it.
Everything looks like a Hollywood set—colorful, clean, and almost not at all like New York City.
The skeleton that demolished the beautiful Pennsylvania Station.
A local lawyer won a subway map design competition in the 1960s, and ended up bringing color to future maps.
The MTA has put some rarely seen photos up at the Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center station.
54 years ago today, two planes crashed above NYC, one landing in Park Slope, and the other in Staten Island.
One New York couple kept an exotic jungle cat in their home in the 1960s.
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