Original sound accompanies this fantastic footage from 1930s NYC.
NYE in Times Square: was it EVER fun?
Watch daredevil Jack Latkowski took a Brodie off the bridge.
In 1935, one straphanger wrote into the NY Times about people taking up too much space in the subway.
Move over food trucks, what about a 1930s-era food-peddling subway car?
Yesterday would have been the photographer's 116th birthday.
This map shows more details for that 1930s plan to fill in the Hudson River.
Shockingly these plastic cones you strapped to your face never took off.
This footage from 1939 New York City is beautiful, even if it only lasts for just three minutes.
Someone recently found a box of old negatives and had them to developed to find tons of 1930s NYC photos. Jackpot!
Have you heard of Albert Fish? Ephemeral NY takes a look
The Library of Congress has a great set of photographs by William
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