14th street

Ridership has increased by about 24 percent on weekdays, and 30 percent on weekends.
'We warn you: don’t make us fight another 3 year campaign for #BetterBuses.'
Though it'll be another sixty days before drivers actually face consequences for blocking the bus.
What was once a 15- minute slog between 3rd and 8th Ave, now only takes 10 minutes.
For bus riders long forced to contend with one of the slowest routes in the city, the impact of the transit priority was felt immediately.
In a 3-2 decision, the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court lifted the stay against the busway imposed by a judge in August.
'This is just like white lawyers representing black people in the south having crosses burned on their lawn.'
Transportation spokesman Scott Gastel confirmed a judge had temporarily halted their plans and they would not begin enforcing the new rules on Monday.
'The government thumbing its nose at the views of residents and the character of three neighborhoods in order to speed up busses by one or two miles per hour and promote use of bicycles.'
'I can’t walk a good distance because of my walker and because I’ve had so many surgeries. I’m devastated by this and I’m hoping the MTA will rethink their position.'
'It's a price to pay, but it's better than it being shut down [entirely] and causing even more problems.'
On second thought, Mayor Bill de Blasio will ban private vehicles on 14th Street.
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