1 wtc

365,000 square feet of retail space is coming to an Oculus near you.
Bill Nye will help partygoers control the colors atop One World Trade Center, all in celebration of the National Parks Service.
The stair climb will be held on May 15.
At least it was a nice thought?
The Empire State Building went dark in sympathy for Paris.
“Was he cocky, brash, boastful, unwarranted? Absolutely."
Yet they seem to be "decent men," according to the judge.
A jury found the men guilty of misdemeanor BASE jumping, reckless endangerment, and reckless endangerment of property.
Rossig left his mother a letter hours before the jump warning her he was about to get into a "heap of trouble."
So is One World Observatory worth your time and money? I'd say, yeah, this is a thing even Native New Yorkers will want to experience at some point.
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