1 train

The transit authority concluded that someone had broken into the conductor cab, accessed the PA system, and made the phony announcement to create mayhem.
An investigation into a phenomenon that oozes New York.
His caregiver had a medical episode, police say.
A sleek slinky bandit took the 1 to work on Monday, please clap.
The rebuild cost $181.8 million.
This happened at the 145th Street 1 train station in Harlem.
The stabber was allegedly harassing a third passenger.
Other reports suggest a fight broke out.
Two women were groped in separate morning rush hour incidents.
A tipster said, "all originally looked like the swastika on the seat, but a good spirited rider asked fellow passengers if they has pens, markers, etc. and then transformed them into flowers/stars."
The suspect lives a block away from a 1 train station in the Bronx.
He's accused of three incidents since 2011 or 2012.
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