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While prosecutors say that the defendant said she stabbed her husband, defense attorneys say the body camera footage proves only officers used the term "stabbed."

“There are people in New York who’ve been in solitary for fifteen, twenty, even thirty years."

Cuomo has granted two commutations in January and another three in June, a number that advocates decried as “outrageous,” particularly in the midst of a pandemic.

Self-defense laws require that a person have a reasonable belief that they face imminent death or serious bodily harm and use a similar level of force. But in domestic violence cases, the context spans not only the immediacy of the moment, but the course of the relationship.

There are currently 5,334 people ages 55 and over in the state’s prisons, who are at a higher risk of death if they contract COVID-19.

"When you keep 10,000 New Yorkers in prison until they die, that’s death by incarceration.”

"Those men are trying to find a way to be better individuals, but you won’t see it unless they’re given an opportunity."

'The worst part was watching Valerie do everything possible in the past 40 years to prove that she was changed and worthy of release only to die in shackles.'

Eighteen advocates are going on a hunger strike to force the issue.

'Sexual assault is not supposed to be part of his punishment. Not for him, not for any prisoners, including those who are afraid to speak up or give up after filing a first report.'

'I tried to read the ingredients labels off commissary [items] because I was desperate for something to read.'

'We need to rehabilitate these guys. We don’t need to torture them. You’re doing more harm than good.'

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